ARC Nanotechnology Network

Conferences, Workshops, Summer and Winter Schools, and Short Courses



  • Nanotechnology events which include a Innovation component, held in Australia that support the aims of the ANN (see and being organized by members of ANN


Conditions of Funding

  • from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the duration of the Event and number of proposed attendees. To be used for purposes such as, free registration for postgraduate students and free or reduced registration for early career researchers, members of ANN.
  • funding support already gained from other sources preferred, eg. home university,industry or other sponsoring body
  • requires submission of a proposal and budget with details of how sponsorship funds are to be used
  • must acknowledge funding support from ANN  in all promotional material
  • must provide ANN with a written report of the outcomes and expenditure details of the Event within 3 months of completion


Payment of funding support will be made as an advance to the Institution/Industry that is managing the Event. This will enable the necessary prepayments to be made by the Event organizers. The institution/Industry is requested to issue a tax invoice to The Australian National University including names of students/ECRs being funded, and send to ANN. After the event, the Institution/Industry is required to acquit the advance including attaching copies of the original invoices/documentation of costs incurred.

More details on these requirements will be sent to applicants when they are notified of their successful application.


Guidelines for Funding

Applications for funding by ANN should be submitted at least three months in advance from the date of submission of abstracts. In order for Event funding to be approved the application must satisfy the listed criteria. Additionally, where it is necessary to rank applications, because the requested funds exceed those available, this ranking will be done on the basis of which applications best satisfy the listed criteria. There is no appeals process. The decisions made by the ANN management committee, informed by the recommendation of the ANN Events Working Group will be final.



Selection Criteria that will be used to evaluate all Event applications

  1. Broader benefit to the Australian nanotechnology community
  2. Event organised by ANN members, and the level of involvement of ANN members
  3. Size of Event - anticipated number of attendees (number of students, number of ECR’s); anticipated number of international attendees
  4. Quality of invited speakers
  5. Availability of invited speakers to give talks in other parts of Australia as ANN Distinguished Lecturer(s)
  6. Level of reduced or no registration cost for Students and Early Career Researchers
  7. Level and quality of nanotechnologies component in the technical program
  8. Funding support already gained from other sources



Additional Selection Criteria that will be used to evaluate Workshop applications

  1. Specific educational session for students included
  2. Participation of Industry



Additional Selection Criteria that will be used to evaluate Summer and Winter School and Short Course applications

  1. Quality of educational sessions
  2. Track record and profile of lecturers


Event sponsorship application form