ARC Nanotechnology Network

Overseas Travel Fellowships (up to three months duration)

Two rounds of Five (5) Overseas Travel Fellowships valued at up to $5,000 each are offered every year (closing dates are the 28th of February and 30th of August.).

An additional three fellowships of up to $5,000 are being offered for research  visits to Local and International Industry

Also offered for attending International Summer Schools (not conferences)of minimum one (1) week duration, or longer. Applications are ranked and Fellowships awarded to the top 5 ranked applications.
* please note that ANN does not fund travel to attend overseas conferences.

Successful applicants are required to include other sources of funds and a supervisor's signature. Download the necessary form here. Please fill out and return to us by fax to 02 6125 3915 or email.


  • postgraduate student or early career researcher currently studying/working in Australia in the area of nanotechnology
  • For this scheme, an Early Career Researcher (ECR) is defined as someone who was awarded their Ph.D. less than five years from the closing date of the given round of the scheme, and if working at a university, holds a non-continuing appointment. ECRs working in academic, government and industrial research labs are eligible to apply
  • applicant must be member of ANN, and supervisor of applicant must be member of ANN
  • documented support provided from Supervisor and collaborating researcher

Conditions of Funding

  • up to $5,000 for travel and accommodation to visit an overseas research institution/Industry
  • 50% of travel and accommodation costs to be provided by applicant’s home institution/Industry or other source
  • no more than one Overseas Travel Fellowship per person per year
  • must acknowledge funding support from ANN and DIISR in publications that result from the Overseas Travel Fellowship research activities
  • must provide ANN with a written report of the outcomes of the Overseas Travel Fellowship within two months of completion

Payment of funding support will be made as a reimbursement to the Australian Institution/Industry that incurs the initial costs (applicant’s home institution). The institution/Industry is requested to issue a tax invoice to The Australian National University, attach copies of the original invoices/documentation of costs incurred, and send to ANN.

More details on these requirements will be sent to applicants when they are notified of their successful application.

Guidelines for Funding

Overseas Travel Fellowships will be ranked according to the following selection criteria. This will be done on the basis of which applications best satisfy the listed criteria. There is no appeals process. The decisions made by the ANN management committee, informed by the recommendation of the ANN Visits Working Group will be final.

The ANN Visits Working Group may elect to interview applicants as part of the evaluation process.

Informal advice from the ANN OTF assessment committee on how to write more effective proposals for this scheme is provided here. It is for advice only and not a substitute for the eligibility, conditions, guidelines and criteria provided on this website

Overseas Travel Fellowship Applicant Advice

Selection Criteria that will be used to evaluate applications

  1. Relevance and benefit of the research in the broader context (potential applications of this research)
  2. Identify the nanotechnology aspects of the research
  3. Benefit to the applicant in terms of career development
  4. Benefit to the applicant in terms of skills development
  5. Potential for transfer of knowledge between the applicant and collaborating researchers
  6. Plan to publish and/or present the results of the research in journals and conferences (to be specified); priority is achieved by impact factors and standing of the forms of communication
  7. Demonstrated potential/excellence of applicant in field - priority given to applicants with highest merit/relevance
  8. Funding support already gained from other sources
  9. Demonstrated support and involvement of collaborating researcher and lab/Industry
  10. Other activities that may also be undertaken during visit, eg. giving a seminar or short course
  11. Attendance at a conference must not be a major component of the Visit

Overseas Travel Fellowship Application Form