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Institute for Sustainability and Innovation Victoria University - Collaborators


Links With Other Australian Organisations:

Active collaborations:
- CSIRO materials science and engineering (Discovery and Cluster project)
- BioMass BioEnergy: The University of Queensland (partner to Discovery Project)
- Centre for Water Management and Reuse: The University of South Australia (Discovery Project)
- Siemens Water Technology (Australian Membrane manufacturer)
- Orica Watercare
- 8 other universities in the CSIRO Cluster project for advanced membrane technologies (University of Melbourne, Deakin University, RMIT University, Curtin University, Murdoch University, University of Queensland, UNSW).
- Water Quality Research Australia
- National Centre of Excellence for Desalination
- National Centre of Excellence for Water Recycling

Links With International Organisations:

Active collaborations with
- Polymer and Separations Research Laboratory (PolySep): University of California, Los Angeles (Sate government fund)
- Membrane and Energy Laboratory: Arizona State University (Discovery Project)
- Instutut Euopean des Membranes (IEM), Montpellier (Student exchange)
- Technion, Israel
- Fudan University (China)
- NTU Singapore  

Links to Websites of Collaborators:

PolySep UCLA
Arizona State University
Siemens Water Technologies
Orica Watercare
Fudan University
NTU Singapore
IEM France
University of South Australia