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Dr Terence William Turney

Dr Terry Turney is currently the Director of the CSIRO Nanotechnology Centre. His key responsibilities are: initiating or accelerating growth of nanotechnology as an emerging science area within CSIRO’s 20 Divisions; contributing towards frontier technologies that underpin CSIRO’s long-term strategic portfolio; enhancing CSIRO’s reputation for scientific excellence in nanotechnology; and strengthening CSIRO’s linkage with international science in nanotechnology. He is also the Science Director of the CSIRO Manufacturing and Infrastructure Technology. His key responsibilities are directing emerging science policy and research directions for one of CSIRO’s Divisions, involving over 30 research Teams (over 340 R&D staff); serving on CSIRO Divisional Investment Committee; and identifying and developing new market and commercial opportunities for innovative scientific research in advanced manufacturing.

Dr Turney’s nanotechnology expertise and achievement, as well as research and commercial expertise, are molecular and nanocomposite materials (especially from clays and other layered systems), mechanically activated chemical processing and ultrafine milling, heterogeneous catalytic processes, inorganic solid-state chemistry, pigment production and nanostructured membranes. His team’s work has resulted in development of several nanocomposite products and nanoparticle formulations now in the marketplace. His research team was also awarded the CSIRO Research Medal in 2002. His policy initiatives include the establishment of CSIRO Nanotechnology Centre, organizer and chair of 1st & 2nd Australian National Nanotechnology Conferences, organising committee member of several other nanotechnology conferences and Networks, initiation of Australian Nanotechnology Education Network, several advisory committees for undergraduate nanotechnology courses within Australian Universities, co-organizer of the NanoHouse Initiative. He is a member of the Australian Prime Ministers’ PMSEIC working group on nanotechnology and co-Chairman of the Asian Nanotechnology Forum with representatives from 13 economies in the Asian region.

He has a total of 24 patents or applications in areas of catalysis, active packaging of horticultural produce, powder processing and minerals processing. Over 80 publications in areas of inorganic synthesis, powder processing, materials and process characterisation, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, biomaterials, clay science and nanocomposite materials.

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