ARC Nanotechnology Network

Hole Burning, Single Molecule & Related Spectroscopies: Science and Applications

Palm Cove 22/06/2009 - 27/06/2009

HBSM2009 is the 10th in the series of conferences on hole burning and single molecule spectroscopies.The conference series was originally initiated by scientists from the photophysics and spectroscopy community and now has participation from chemists, physicists, engineers, material and life scientists. Along its 30 year history the meetings has witnessed the emergence of several new fields and often with important applications. Single molecule spectroscopy is an example and it has had a big impact in the life sciences. The emphasis in this area is now on sub-wavelength imaging of nano-objects. The development of spectral hole burning materials for signal processing and memories has also been a relevant topic. Initially focused on high-density storage and more recently for processing optical and o ptically carried RF signals. A most recent development is optical materials for quantum information processing and the conference has involvement of many who are pioneering this field (see Review Tittel, Afzelius, Cone, Chaneliere, Kroll, Moiseev and Sellars). Quantum information processing usually involves coupling light to nano-cavities. So perhaps 80% of the conference involves studies at the nano-scale. The conference has been held alternatively in Europe, America and Asia and recently in Estonia, Switzerland, Taiwan, France and USA. It has never previously been held in Australia or anywhere in southern hemisphere.
Contact: Prof Neil Manson
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Phone: 02 61250029