ARC Nanotechnology Network

The 13th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors (IMCS-13)

11/07/2010 - 14/07/2010

IMCS-13 is devoted to chemical sensors-related areas including semiconducting, electrochemical, optical, SAW and piezo-electric sensors; sensors for health, safety and security; sensor arrays, electronic nose and signal processing; mechanisms, modeling and simulation; new materials; nano-materials and nano-structures; novel approaches to sensing; manufacturing and packaging. IMCS-13 is organised by The University of Western Australia and RMIT University and will be hosted by The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia on July 11-14, 2010. Papers describing significant advances in the state of the art of scientific results and understanding in the Meeting Topics will be presented. Abstract submission is closed. The official proceedings of the meeting will consist of selected papers that are peer reviewed and published as a special-issue of the journal Sensor Letters.
Contact: IMCS-13 Conference Secretariat
Email: link
Phone: 08-6488 3801