ARC Nanotechnology Network

Materials Australia 2nd Nanotechnology Conference

Melbourne 26/09/2005 - 28/09/2005

This conference will focus on the business and market ends of nanotechnology and consider the possibilities, opportunities, barriers and capabilities arising and emerging from the CURRENT and FUTURE uses of Nanotechnologies in key industry sectors that potentially will affect all Australians. It wants to use the difference industry sectors to construct a scenario of what it can/could be like ‘Living in a Nano World’ as a way of illustrating the potentially dramatic possibilities that nanotechnology can/will bring. It aims to do this by working together with the key Industry Associations in areas such as: Construction/Building, Health, Automotive, Energy, Electronics and Communications, Textiles and Clothing and Food Production and Processing as well as R&D providers who have the enabling technologies and expertise to assist manufacturers bringing to reality of the new products and services.
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