ARC Nanotechnology Network

2nd Workshop on Dynamics & Control of Micro and Nanoscale Systems

The University of Newcastle 23/02/2012 - 24/02/2012

The purpose of the Workshop is to get together some of the leading researchers in the field of dynamics and control of micro and nanoscale systems in Newcastle February next year to discuss recent progress in the field. Plenary speakers are allocated 1 hour and invited speakers 40 minutes each. The invited speakers include some of the best researchers in the field. Many of them are regular plenary speakers in top international conferences in the field. We have two speakers from UC Berkeley, three speakers from IBM Zurich Research Labs, as well as speakers from ETH, University of Vienna and many other top universities. The speakers also include Professors Ian Petersen (UNSW@ADFA) and John Sader (Melbourne).
Contact: Prof Reza Moheimani
Email: link
Phone: 02-49216031