ARC Nanotechnology Network

Advances in Functional Nanomaterials for Energy and Environmental Applications Symposium

Tyree Energy Technologies Building, University of New South Wales 15/11/2012 - 16/11/2012

Advances in Functional Nanomaterials started in 2004 where its primary focus was to showcase the research of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Functional Nanomaterials. Since then, the conference has evolved into a meeting of nanomaterials scientists of world class standards, that facilitates scientific exchange among researchers at national and international level, and explores ways of linking research to practical and industrial applications. After seven successful conferences in the series, Advances in Functional Nanomaterials has established itself has an important meeting of the nanomaterial science community within Australia and internationally. This year the conference continues the momentum and aims to embrace topics of urgent global significance, highlighting recent findings in the advances of functional nanomaterials for clean energy and environmental technologies and the fundamental nanoscience that is behind these applications.
Contact: Prof Rose Amal
Email: link
Phone: 02 93854361