ARC Nanotechnology Network

4th International Conference on Smart Materials and Nanotechnology in Engineering (SMN 2013 )

Gold Coast 10/07/2013 - 12/07/2013

Recently, the design of a new material with a multi-functional capability has become a key research focus in all materials science and engineering discipline. A "smart material" is one having a structure at the nano-structural level that responds in a particular and controlled way to influences upon it. These range from magnetically-changed materials, to "memory" molecules that return to their original form, to materials that generate an electric charge when pressed, twisted, or warped. In some extent, a structure made by this material or more than one type of this material incorporated with an appropriated sensor system has been well defined as a “smart structure”, that can be used for the implementation of a damage and performance detection strategy for aerospace, civil and mechanical engineering and other applications. Since the last decade, an increasing interest in the development of miniaturized structures and systems, particularly on micro and nano electromechanical systems (MEMs and NEMs), and integrated biosensor systems has evolved a new page in the area of smart materials and nanotechnology. The scope of this conference is mainly focused on smart materials and structure, and nanotechnology for different engineering applications ranging from nano-structural and biosensor systems to large scale structures, like smart wind turbine technology and solar energy systems for space vehicles.
Contact: Jayantha A Epaarachchi
Email: link
Phone: 61 7 4631 1372