ARC Nanotechnology Network


Graduate House, The University of Melbourne 01/12/2013 - 03/12/2013

You are invited to gather in Melbourne (Australia) with fellow carbon scientists and technologists to hear about, discuss and debate the latest developments in the rapidly moving carbon field. This meeting - the second ever following the successful inaugural meeting in Adelaide in 2012 - will consider carbon materials ranging all the way from traditional activated carbon through to more modern nanoporous carbons and beyond to glassy carbons, amorphous carbon, diamond, carbon nanotubes, graphene, carbon black, .... The meeting will span from materials aspects of carbon through to its applications, and will cover both experimental and theoretical aspects. This meeting is to be held from late-afternoon of Sunday 1 December to mid-afternoon of Tuesday 3 December 2013. In addition to a range of plenary & invited lectures and opportunities for you to contribute talks & posters, the program this year will also feature a number of tutorial sessions lead by invited experts that focus on highly topical areas.
Contact: Prof Mark Biggs
Email: link