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ACIS Symposium on Nanobubbles

Lecture Theatre 2, School of Chemistry,The University of Sydney 04/12/2013

On December 4th, 2013 The University of Sydney will host the “ACIS Symposium on Nanobubbles”. This multidisciplinary symposium, supported by the Australasian Colloidsand Interface Society (ACIS), will focus on recent developments in the understanding of nanobubble formation, stability and characterisation, with connections to experiments and applications. The symposium will bring together chemists, mathematicians, physicists and engineers at the forefront of research in interface science, soft matter, and atomic force microscopy. The program will consist of three invited speakers and a panel discussion. The Australasian Colloids and Interface Society was established in 2012 as an inclusive organization to bring together everyone in Australia and New Zealand (and beyond) who is interested in colloid and interfacial science, engineering and technology. This half-day symposium will provide an environment for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and methods on nanobubbles within the colloids and interface science community.
Contact: Dr Chiara Neto
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