ARC Nanotechnology Network

NanoBio Australia 2014

THe University of Queensland 06/07/2014 - 10/07/2014

The intersection of Biology with Nanoscience and Nanotechnology currently represents one of the most exciting wellsprings of scientific innovation, and is also a major stimulus for a plethora of high value technologies and industries. By combining the two largest conferences in the world which focus on this scientific frontier, NanoBio Australia 2014 will feature a diverse array of multi-disciplinary science designed to connect world-leading scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs working in this space. NanoBio Australia 2014, Brisbane, July 6-10, 2014 will incorporate the 5th International NanoBio Conference and the 3rd International Conference on BioNano Innovation. The conference is chaired by Professor Matt Trau (The University of Queensland) and Dr Keith McLean (CSIRO) and follows two highly successful international conference series: the International NanoBio series, NanoBio Seattle 2012 (chaired by Professor Pat Stayton), NanoBio Zürich 2010 (chaired by Professor Marcus Textor), NanoBio Seoul 2008 (chaired by Professor Kyung-Hwa Yoo) and NanoBio Tokyo 2006 (chaired by Professor Kazunori Kataoka); and the BioNano series (ICBNI), hosted in Brisbane in 2012 and Beijing in 2013.
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