ARC Nanotechnology Network

30 Years of Colloidal Quantum Dots

ESPCI, Paris, France 26/05/2014 - 28/05/2014

About 30 years ago, A. Ekimov L. Brus and Al. Efros started pioneering work on what has become the field of colloidal quantum dots. To celebrate this event, a conference is organized in Paris at ESPCI on May 26-28, 2014. Colloidal quantum dots are semiconductor nanoparticles formed of few hundreds to few thousands of atoms. They have unique optical and electronic properties that strongly depend on their size. Since the first synthesis of nearly monodisperse quantum dots in 1993, a lot of progresses have been made, and colloidal quantum dots can now be produced with sizes controlled with atomic precision. In addition to their very interesting fundamental properties, these nanoparticles have the potential to help develop a new generation of electronic and opto-electronic devices. The number of teams in the world working on colloidal quantum dots and their applications is growing every year, with the first large scale productions in view. In addition to three keynote speakers, the conference features a large number of invited talks given by scientists that have brought outstanding contributions to the early development of the field of colloidal quantum dots. Contributed talks by other teams and poster sessions will give the occasion for lively discussions. The conference will be hosted at ESPCI, in the heart of Paris.