ARC Nanotechnology Network

Innovate Nanomedicine 2019

Houston, Texas, USA 07/02/2019 - 09/02/2019

This conference is committed to the power of ideas to uplift the current state of emerging pharmaceutical medicines utilizing nanotechnology. The Innovate NanoMedicine Conference is a social enterprise venue with the mission to bring to light the heroes of pharmaceutical pipeline journey for these emerging medicines. Organizations, entrepreneurs, small-to-medium sized companies and large pharmaceuticals investing in nanomedicine will be speakers and delegates at this conference. The INMC conference solely focuses on nanomedicines undergoing clinical trials and how patients are responding to these emerging medicines. Because the innovation journey of a single medicine may be driven by different sponsors along the clinical trials phase, it’s a challenge coalescing the community within one conference year-to-year. INMC seeks to address this market gap. The conference attendees will have the potential to interact with business leaders, investors, scientists, engineers and physicians. The INMC venue offers the opportunity to interact and network with a common purpose in an uncommon way – an industry focused clinical trial venue structure.

It’s time the U.S. has a conference venue where attendees can learn about advances in the clinical trial space for emerging nanomedicine, get updates on the human disease indications and learn where there are unmet therapeutic options for patients. In North America 2017, there are currently 3,438 stem cells in clinical trials, 255 nanoparticles in clinical trials and gene-edited CAR T-CELLs are now approved as an investigational new drug. As pharmaceuticals transitions from imprecision to precision medicine, nanomedicines will be key technologies in the personalized medicine era. The ability for the clinical trial community to have access to organizations and companies innovating in the clinical trials of nanomedicine will be paramount to further encourage investment and collaborations across the clinical pipeline. INMC offer such opportunities and strives to create a value-added environment for the institutions licensing and sponsoring intellectual capital derived from their world-renowned faculty and companies that translate these drug innovations.

Contact: Javed Khan, PhD Chairman - Innovate Nanomedicine
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