ARC Nanotechnology Network

National Symposium on Electromaterials Science - The Role and Impact of Nanostructure

Wollongong 16/02/2006 - 17/02/2006

The 2 day Symposia is being held at the University of Wollongong. It will include international guest speakers, oral and poster presentations and provide a forum for the discussion of recent advances in the research area of electromaterials science – with a particular focus on the role and impact of nanostructure. Topics to be presented include: energy conversion and storage, medical bionics, novel batteries, new electrolytes, thin film solar cells, electronic textiles and coatings. Recognising the importance of electromaterials to Australia’s sustainable future and reputation as a Knowledge Nation, selected presentations aim to provide an overview of the types of applications of this technology for industrial participants attending the Symposia, including the potential impact on process innovations within manufacturing, energy generation and medical environments.
Contact: Kaylene Atkinson
Email: link
Phone: 02 4221 4383