ARC Nanotechnology Network

International Workshop on 'Advances in Nanocomposites'

Sydney 14/07/2006

This one day workshop is the first exclusive international Nanocomposites workshop held in Australia. This Conference will bring to Australia some of the top of the world’s nano-composites researchers and will be extremely valuable for Australian postgraduate students and ECRs working in the nanocomposites field.

The Workshop will be held on the 14th July 2006 at the University of New South Wales.

The Topics that will be addressed include:

  • 1. Nano-clay in the thermoset polymers [such as epoxy and other], and thermoplastic polymers [for example nylon-6 and others]
  • 2. Nano-clays in Rubbers [such as EPDM and other rubbers]
  • 3. Nano-particles of ceramic oxides in metals such as HfC nanoparticles in W for high temperature applications
  • 4. Carbon Nano-tubes in Silicon for solar energy applications
  • 5. Multi-phase adhesives such as nanoparticles of Cerium Oxide in an adhesive phase to act as thermal barrier coating
  • 6. Other relevant nanocomposite systems

The proposed ‘Advanced in nanocomposites’ workshop will be combined with visits of internationally distinguished researchers, and take the form of a satellite event related to a major conference ACUN-5 “Advanced Composites, Natural Composites, Nanocomposites” at UNSW, 11-14 July 2006, that will be attended by many ARCNN members.

Contact: Dr Sri Bandyopadhyay
Email: link
Phone: 0414 751 755