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8th Asia Pacific Conference on Plasma Science and Technology

Palm Cove 02/07/2006 - 05/07/2006

The Asia Pacific Conference on Plasma Science and Technology to be held in Palm Cove north of Cairns from the 2nd to 5th of July 2006. This conference has been held every two years from the early 1990s and gathers together researchers and industry representatives from Japan, Korea, China and Australia. Its structure and form have evolved dramatically over its 10 years of existence from basic plasma processing and science to the very broad palette of surface modification, functionalisation and application.

The conference highlights the applications and technology made feasible by plasma processing the the very broad meaning of the term. It now includes micro, nano and opto electronics, nano-particles, microfluidics, dusty systems, bio application.

For 2006 we expect representatives from Singapore, Taiwan and other Pacific Rim countries to the north of Australia. Last year the 7th APCPST was in Fukuoka (JAPAN) and attracted around 500 attendees, over half being students. This is a great opportunity for our own students to meet researchers, industrialists and students from other countries in Asia Pacific and to develop job and research opportunities by initiating networks in this region.

At previous conferences there have been an increasing number of attendees presenting research and developments in nano technology arising from plasma deposition and etching techniques. To name but a few, sub 100 nm line widths in plasma processing of microelectronics, carbon and BN nano-tubes deposited at low temperature, nanometric sized catalysts for fuel cell electrodes and nano-powders.

At least 50% of the conference papers were devoted to processes and applications that were deep sum micron, well in the nano-meter range. The last APCPST was advertised by “Nanotechnology Now” which claims to be “Your Gateway to Everything Nanotech”.

Contact: Prof Rod Boswell
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