ARC Nanotechnology Network

ARCNN Seminar - Prof Ratnesh Lal

Link Seminar Room, Oliphant Building, ANU 03/05/2006

Prof Ratnesh Lal will be giving his talk on "Integrated nanoimaging systems and nanosensors for biointerfaces"


"Biointerfaces, such as membrane and membrane macromolecules are nanoscale structures that define and govern complex biological systems and their physical and chemical properties. Simultaneous examination of nano-scale physicalproperties and functional activity and the underlying ultrastructural substrates is limited. Multi-dimensional scanning probe microscopy (MSPM) can map hysicochemical properties, including surface energy at atomic scale,interaction forces between single molecules, viscoelastic and thermal properties of complex biological specimens, and simultaneously image the underlying ultrastructure with nanometer resolution. Significantly, such studies can be performed on hydrated biological systems with on-line addition of physiological and pharmacological perturbations. We have used MSPM to examine physicochemical properties and direct structure-function correlation for a variety of biological systems ranging from nanometer to micrometer scale (e.g., purified biomacromolecules, cells, and tissues). Such multiscale structure-function studies have produced novel findings with direct relevance to sustenance of the biological systems. In this presentation we will discuss our results on two inter-related areas: i) how integrated muldimodal, multiscale and multidimensional AFM imaging of biological mcromoleclues (which includes ion channels and receptors) provides new understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying biological systems. ii) how AFM imaging, nanomanipulation and nanopatterning, and NanoMEMS can be used for biotechnology applications (e.g., biosensors, biomimetics)."

Contact: Ilonka Krolikowska
Email: link
Phone: +61261252495