ARC Nanotechnology Network

3rd Asian and Pacific Rim Symposium on Biophotonics (APBP2007)

Cairns 09/07/2007 - 11/07/2007

The Asian and Pacific Rim Symposium on Biophotonics is developing as one of the leading forums in the Asia Pacific region for scientists, engineers and research students to exchange the latest research, developments and concepts in biophotonics. Biophotonics is a multi-disciplinary science involving biology, chemistry, optics, medicine, physics, materials science and engineering.

The topics at the conference will feature a session on "Novel biophotonic technologies with nanotechnology", which includes biomedical imaging, manipulation and engineering with nanoprobes, nanoparticles, nano-materials, and nano-plasmonic sensors. This topic is chaired by Prof Inouye Yasushi, Osaka University, Japan, who pioneered the first nano-plasmonic probes and near-field optics for biological applications.

This conference is expected to attract 120-150 people from more than 10 countries.

Contact: Min Gu
Email: link
Phone: +61 03 92148776