ARC Nanotechnology Network

Nanoscience Laboratory

Nanotechnology Capabilities:

From January 2007, the Nanocrystal Laboratory will be located in the Bio21 Institute at the University of Melbourne. Facilities within the Laboratory or within the Bio21 Building include:

Electron Microscopy

  • FEI 300kV FEGTEM
  • FEI Nanolab FIB
  • FEI cryo FEGTEM
  • Clean Room Class 1000
  • Modern specimen preparation facilitites for 1-4

Atomic Force Microscopy

  • Dimension 3100 AFM

Lab Facilities

  • Basic spin coater (Headland Research)
  • Automated Dipcoater NIMA technologies
  • Jobin Yvon Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (200-2000nm)
  • Jobin Yvon Flurolog Fluorimeter and Single Photon counting Lifetime (>500ps)
  • Cary 5 UV-vis-NIR spectrophotometer
  • EMITECH Sputter Coater
  • Renishaw Raman confocal microscope
  • Olympus 3-laser Confocal microscope for sinfle molecule spectroscopy and imaging
  • Cryo capability for fluorimeter (77K at present)
  • state of the art Fume Cupboards/Schlenk Lines/laminar flow cupboards
  • Dark Field Imaging and spectroscopy of single nanocrystals

Research Group:

University of Melbourne, Chemistry School, Nanoscience Laboratory

Contact Details:

Paul Mulvaney
61- 03 8344 2405.