ARC Nanotechnology Network
Poolrite Research

Poolrite Research

Name of Group Leader:

Colin Redmond  

Physical Address:

415 creek rd
Mt Gravatt 4122  

Mailing Address:

PO Box 520  


3323 6555  


3323 6599  


Nanotechnology Research Programs/Activities:

Electro polishing of electrodes for improved Cl production and cleaning.
Inclusion of nano-clays into standard injection moulding practices with minimal alteration standard manufacturing processes.
Supplimenting resins to conduct electricity for electrolysis.  

Scale of Nanotechnology Research Effort:

HR 2 people researching and applying theory into production.  

Nanotechnology research facilities:

1 chemistry lab for electrode polishing.
6 injection moulding machines for nano-clay trials.  

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