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Monash Advanced Particle Engineering Laboratory

Monash Advanced Particle Engineering Laboratory

Name of Group Leader:

Dr. Cordelia Selomulya, Dr. Karen Hapgood  

Physical Address:

Department of Chemical Engineering
Clayton Campus, Wellington Road
Monash University


+61 3 99053436  


+61 3 99055686  


Nanotechnology Research Programs/Activities:

Synthesis and applications of nanoparticles and nanomaterials, including functionalizing magnetic nanoparticles for protein separation and enzyme immobilization, synthesizing nanostructured materials for catalytic processes in energy conversion
Particulate aggregation to understand the mechanisms of aggregate formation, hydrodynamic behaviour, micro-properties, and implications to macro-properties, e.g. dewatering behaviour, sediment compaction, selective precipitation, sludge densification
Aggregate characterization, using different tools including light scattering/obscuration methods, image analysis, tomography. Applications on water treatments, mechanical bioseparation, and formulation/use of personal care products.
Simulation and modeling by integration of 3D imaging and modeling tools to predict system performance from micro-properties.
Granulation and agglomeration processes, especially wet granulation processes used in the pharmaceutical, food, fertilizer and minerals industries.
Role of liquid binder distribution in wet granulation processes.
Novel granulation approaches: granulation of hydrophobic powders, understanding foam granulation
Dry granulation (roller compaction) processes: effect of roll force on tensile strength of ribbons and tablets
Role of shear in agglomeration: measurement of shear in-situ in industrial granulators, role of shear in dispersion of agglomerates (dry systems)
Pharmaceutical technology: Understanding drug and excipient distribution in pharmaceutical systems, drug delivery via inhaled particulates


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