ARC Nanotechnology Network
ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computer Technology

ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computer Technology

Nanotechnology Research Programs/Activities:

Construction of silicon nanostructures using both top-down and bottom-up assembly approaches, for the purpose of construction Si:P quantum bit (qubit) demonstration devices.
Top-Down Nano-assembly: Using single-ion implantation and high-resolution electron beam lithography.
Bottom-Up Nano-assembly: Using STM lithography of Si:H surface and Si MBE encapsulation.
Quantum Measurement of semiconductor nanostructures at low temperatures (mK) and high magnetic fields.
Theoertical modeling of semiconductor nanostructures, in particular for Si:P qubits.

Scale of Nanotechnology Research Effort:

Total number of research staff and students: Over 100 in national Centre fo Excellence.
Number in NSW Node: Over 30
Total Budget for Centre of Excellence (all sources): A$7M p.a.



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