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Polymer Science Research Group

Polymer Science Research Group

Name of Group Leader:

Professor Robert A Shanks  

Physical Address:

Prof. Dr Robert A. Shanks
Professor of Polymer Science
School of Applied Sciences,
Science, Engineering and Technology
RMIT University
GPO Box 2476V Melbourne 3001 Victoria


03 9925 2122  


03 9925 3747  


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Research Interests
Aim: Investigation of the chemical structure and microstructure of polymers and polymer blends, and their physical, thermal, mechanical and viscoelastic properties: flame retardant ceramifying polymers; biopolymer, cellulose and starch materials; composites, nanocomposites, liquid crystals, blends and surfaces.
Flame retardant ceramifying polymers
Flame retardant polymer compositions
Polymer-ceramic hybrids
Biopolymer and starch materials
Starch materials for packaging
Liquid crystalline polymers and supramolecular polymer structures synthesis, properties and molecular modelling
Biopolymer morphology and properties
Composites, blends and surfaces
Nanocomposites and surface treated fillers
Natural fibre thermoplastic composites
Synthetic fibre polymer composites
Linear and non-linear contributions to viscoelasticity
Cure kinetics  



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