ARC Nanotechnology Network
Bridge8 Pty Ltd

Bridge8 Pty Ltd

Name of Group Leader:

Dr Kristin Alford  

Mailing Address:

GPO Box 1062
South Australia


0410 442 629  


08 8272 0896  


Nanotechnology Research Programs/Activities:

Our nanotechnology programs are focused on education and public engagement. Specific projects include:
* support for the SHINE nanotechnology program in Victoria
* extension of this curriculum to a National Nanotechnology School Resource for the Australian Office of Nanotechnology
* facilitation of the Australian response to the Responsible NanoCode initiative with the Australian Nano Business Forum
* research to support internet-enabled science communications including podcasts, websites, blogs and articles. NanoVic and AzoNano are primary collaborators.
* presentation at public forums on nanotechnology, education, public awareness and future possibilities  

Scale of Nanotechnology Research Effort:

Director, 3 part-time industry & science analysts and 2 part-time education consultants.  

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