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Singapore Membrane Technology Center - Collaborators


Links With Other Australian Organisations:

SMTC is working closely with researchers within NTU and other well-known institutions to carry out cutting edge R&D in membrane science and technologies.

Followings are the list of international groups and well known researchers the centre has been working with:

•UNESCO Centre for Membrane, UNSW, Australia
•Centre for Water and Membranes, Oxford University, UK
•Prof. Livingston and Prof. Stuckey, Imperial College, UK
•Water Sustainability Centre, Wetsus Centre, Netherlands
•CNR Membrane Centre, Italy
•NTNU Trondheim, Norway
•Em. Prof. Ben Aim, INSA Toulouse, France
•Prof. Vigneswaran, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
•MAST Centre, University of Colorado, USA  

Links With International Organisations:

The centre is also working closely with Singapore government institution and industry to bring the outcomes of the research activities into larger scale through collaborative projects.

Followings are the list of our partners:

•Public Utility Board (PUB)
•Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering (IESE)
•Grahamtek Pte. Ltd

Links to Websites of Collaborators:

UNESCO Centre for Membrane
Water Sustainability Centre
NTNU Trondheim
MAST Centre
Public Utility Board (PUB)
Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering (IESE)
Grahamtek Pte. Ltd