ARC Nanotechnology Network
Institute for Sustainability and Innovation Victoria University

Institute for Sustainability and Innovation Victoria University

Name of Group Leader:

Professor Stephen Gray  

Physical Address:

Building 4, ground level
Werribee Campus
Hoppers Lane
Werribee, Victoria

Mailing Address:

PO Box 14428
Melbourne, Victoria, 8001  


03 9919 8097  


03 9919 7696  


Nanotechnology Research Programs/Activities:

- Nanocomposite membranes for water treatment (fabrication and theoretical modelling)
- Nanoscale computational modelling of water treatment membrane fouling mechanisms
- Functional nanoporous zeolites for ion selective diffusion in desalination
- Stable nanoparticle dispersions for improved durability coatings (eg paints)
- Surface catalytic membrane materials for organics destruction or anti-fouling property in advanced water treatment applications.
- Superhydrophobic nanotube buckypaper membranes  

Scale of Nanotechnology Research Effort:

Research supported by:
- Lead organisation on CSIRO cluster programme on advanced membrane materials
- Lead organisation on 1 ARC Discovery project and 2 ARC Linkage Projects with nanotechnology focus
- Lead organisation on projects directly funded by industry
- Immediate group members working on nanotechnology includes four project leaders, two research fellows and three PhD students.
- Immediate group funding in nanotechnology research is $1M

Nanotechnology research facilities:

- general laboratory facilities (wet laboratory)
- material characterisation tools: FTIR, N2 adsorption, confocal microscopy, TGA/DTA, nanoparticle sizing and zeta potential, molecular modelling
- membrane testing equipment: small to large scale membrane testing facilities for water treatment
- impedence spectroscopy for electromaterials (ie batteries and electrochemical desalination)
- full water characterisation facility: ICP, AA and IC (ion quantification), HPLC, GCMS



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