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Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences - Computational Chemistry Group

Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences - Computational Chemistry Group

Name of Group Leader:

David Chalmers  

Physical Address:

Monash University
381 Royal Parade
Parkville, VIC 3052


(03) 99039110  


(03) 99039143  


Nanotechnology Research Programs/Activities:

Our projects are based on understanding the overall molecular structure of lipid-based formulations for pharmaceuticals. This seeks to model nanostructures such as micelles and channel structures within emulsions. These are modelled using molecular dynamics simulations on a range of components including glycerides and surfactants. We are also investigating the physical changes that occur when the pharmaceutical reaches the intestine and comes into contact with bile. The models produced by these studies will assist in the development of better ways to deliver drugs that are poorly water soluble.
We are also interested in dendrimer structure and design.  

Scale of Nanotechnology Research Effort:

We currently have three academic staff and a post-doctoral fellow and two PhD students (plus several undergraduate students).

Nanotechnology research facilities:

Our facility has a general access molecular modelling laboratory with associated servers. We make use of high performance computing facilities at VPAC, NCI and VLSCI.  



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