ARC Nanotechnology Network
University of Sydney, School of Chemistry, Molecular Materials Group

University of Sydney, School of Chemistry, Molecular Materials Group

Name of Group Leader:

Prof. Cameron Kepert  

Physical Address:

School of Chemistry
University of Sydney
NSW 2006


02 9351 5741  


02 9351 3329  


Nanotechnology Research Programs/Activities:

Synthesis and characterisation of metal-organic framework materials exhibiting a range of interesting and useful properties, including the following: nanoporosity (includes gas separation/capture/storage, enantioseparations, molecular activation), electronic switching, magnetic ordering, electron delocalisation, photoexcitation, and negative thermal expansion.  

Scale of Nanotechnology Research Effort:

Current research group consists 5 postdocs, 8 postgraduate students and 2 undergraduate students. Annual research budgets of ca. $500K.  

Nanotechnology research facilities:

I manage the following facilities at USyd:
* Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction Facility (Bruker APEXII and Agilent SuperNova)
* Physical Property Measurement System (Quantum Design) for magnetic, electrical transport and heat capacity measurement.
* Intelligent Gravimetric Analyser (Hiden) for gas and vapour sorption analysis.
* Micromeritics ASAP2020 gas sorption analyser.
Other instrumentation includes
* Panalytical PXRD (capillary and flat plate)



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