ARC Nanotechnology Network
Nanomedicine-Deakin University

Nanomedicine-Deakin University

Name of Group Leader:

Dr Jagat Kanwar  

Physical Address:

Nanomedicine-Laboratory of Immunology and Molecular Biomedical Research(LIMBR),
Centre for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Biosciences (BioDeakin), Institute for Technology & Research Innovation (ITRI), Deakin University, Geelong, Technology Precinct (GTP), Pigdons Road, Room Number= NA 1. 410
Waurn Ponds, Geelong, Victoria 3217. Australia


0061 3 52271148  


0061 3 52272539  


Nanotechnology Research Programs/Activities:

1. Proteins/peptides siRNA, miRNA anti-sense targeted gene nanotechnology based technology to target cancer and inflammation.

2. Development of multi-targeted oral or intravenous nanoformulated delivery systems for treatment and diagnosis of cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases.

3. Development of new generation safe, biodegradable, less toxic, disease targeted natural nanoformulated contrast materials for imaging.

4. Development of novel nano-medicinal based vaccines and immunotherapy.

5. Development of new generation micro-fluidics and Lab-on-a-Chip devices for delivery and diagnosis

Scale of Nanotechnology Research Effort:


Support staff=10


Annual budget=$230,000  

Nanotechnology research facilities:

1. Preparation of nano materials like silk, oxides of iron, gold and ceramics and their characterisation by powder XRD, SEM, TEM, FT-IR, for their magnetic susceptibility and N2 adsorption-desorption.

2. Novel nano-carriers such as quantum dot bio-conjugate libraries for multiplexed bio-sensing, proteomics, cellular and tissue imaging and drug delivery.

3. Development of novel nanodevices or nanotechnology for medical applications for stem cell tracking and overcoming multidrug resistance (MDR) of cancer.

4. Developments of various Lab-on-a-Chip, or Microfluidic devices used in biomedical diagnostics and develop knowledge for fundamental research in microfluidic and nanofluidic phenomena and in the clinic for differential diagnosis and personalized treatment of complex human diseases including cancer, infectious, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), neurological diseases, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.



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Group Websites:

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American Society for Nanomedicine

The Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies

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