ARC Nanotechnology Network
CSIRO Devices, Systems and Engineering Program

CSIRO Devices, Systems and Engineering Program

Name of Group Leader:

Gareth Moorhead  

Physical Address:

CSIRO Division of Materials Science and Engineering
Gate 5, Normanby Road
Clayton 3168 Victoria  


03 9545 2080  


Nanotechnology Research Programs/Activities:

Nanofabrication (physical lithography, focussed ion beam etc.)
Nanophysics (plasmonics, photonics)
Microfluidics (biomedical sensing, combinatorial biology and chemistry)
Radiation detection (x-ray systems and techniques)
Optical thin films
Superconducting devices (nanosquids, magnetic detection)
Organic and polymer electronics

Scale of Nanotechnology Research Effort:

Approximately 130 staff in 5 research groups:
Fluid Dynamics and Microfluidics (yonggang.zhu at
Nanophysics (tim.davis at
Optics (david.farrant at
Opto-electronics (andrew.scully at
Superconductivity and Magetism (keith.leslie at

Nanotechnology research facilities:

Clayton: clean rooms, physics and instrumentation integration and test laboratories
Clayton North: extensive polymer electronics fabrication facility
Lindfield: clean rooms with fabrication equipment for inorganic, superconducting and magnetic devices, focussed ion beam, extensive thin film and optical coating facilities  



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