ARC Nanotechnology Network
USC Electrochemistry Group

USC Electrochemistry Group

Name of Group Leader:

Prof Roland De Marco  

Physical Address:

90 Sippy Downs, Sippy Downs, Queensland 4556  


07 5430 2867  


07 5456 5544  


Nanotechnology Research Programs/Activities:

nanostructured electrode materials
nanostructural characterization
chemical sensors
fuel cells
corrosion systems  

Scale of Nanotechnology Research Effort:

1 Leader, 1 Adjunct staff, 2 Postdoctoral staff, 3 PhD students
$230,000 in ARC Discovery and CSIRO Flagship Collaboration Cluster grants  

Nanotechnology research facilities:

Scanning electron microscopy
transmission electron microscopy
electrohemical impedance spectroscopy
DC potentiostat
high impedance potentiometer
Access to University of Queensland Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis
Access to synchrotron and OPAL reactor  

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