ARC Nanotechnology Network
Queensland University of Technology- Nanocomposites and Nano mechanics

Queensland University of Technology- Nanocomposites and Nano mechanics

Name of Group Leader:

A/Prof. Cheng Yan  

Physical Address:

School of Chemistry, Physics and Mechanical Engineering
Queensland University of Technology
2 George Street
QLD 4001  


+61 7 31386630  


+61 7 31381516  


Nanotechnology Research Programs/Activities:

Carbon nanotube and graphene nanocomposites
Nanowires for sustainable energy and environment (TiO2)
Thermal-mechanical behavior of micro and nanosystems (MEMS, optoelectronic packages)
Deformation mechanisms in metallic glasses and nanocrystalline alloys
Nanomechanics in thin films, nanowire arrays and nano/micro pillars
Modeling of 2D materials (graphene and BN)
Modeling of interfaces (CNT, graphene with polymer; adhesion in biomedical materials)

Scale of Nanotechnology Research Effort:

14 PhD and master students  

Nanotechnology research facilities:

1. Nanocomposites processing lab: Conditioning mixer for liquids (THINKYU ARE-250), environmental chamber (), vacuum oven, hot press, glove boxes, ball mill
2. Nanomechanics lab: Hysitron TI950 nanoindentation system, MTS Tytron 250 microforce testing system



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