ARC Nanotechnology Network
Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans

Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans

Name of Group Leader:

Dr Declan McKeveney  

Physical Address:

Level 6, 175 Eagle St
Brisbane, QLD 4000  

Mailing Address:

GPO Box 1413
Brisbane, QLD 4001  


+61 7 3011 2200  


+61 7 3221 0597  


Nanotechnology Research Programs/Activities:

Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans provides advice and services relating to the protection of intellectual property resulting from Nanotechnology research.

We have led in supporting Australian and overseas clients to protect their nanotechnology inventions in the area of production of new nanotechnology materials, as well as new products utilising these materials. Our work includes among others, patents for nano-sized foliar fertilisers, and nanovesicles for drug and antibody delivery on behalf of a number of prominent Australian universities and research organisations.  

Scale of Nanotechnology Research Effort:

Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans employs 21 Patent and trade mark attorneys and practitioners who provide advice on the protection of intellectual property. Our Nanotechnology group includes:

Dr Declan McKeveney
Dr Mark Horsburgh
Dr Mark Egerton
Dr David Loch
Dr David Tso
Dr Timothy Fitzgerald
Paul Thompson


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