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The University of Sydney Nano Institute - Sydney Nano

The University of Sydney Nano Institute - Sydney Nano

Name of Group Leader:

Professor Ben Eggleton  

Physical Address:

Sydney Nanoscience Hub (A31) Physics Road The University of Sydney Camperdown NSW 2006 Australia


Mailing Address:

as above



+61 2 9036 9050  


Nanotechnology Research Programs/Activities:

At Sydney Nano - To discover and harness new science at the nanoscale, we've created a completely new, highly collaborative research environment enabling us to tackle the most important challenges facing our time. The interdisciplinary Institute is producing transformative scientific outcomes that generate new knowledge and impact society and the economy. Sydney Nano research is organised into three Themes and four Domains. Three themes are aligned with key societal challenges: Energy and Environment Health and Medicine Communications, Computing and Security Domains of expertise form our people-based platform, representing our areas of research strength and intellectual resources. Four research Domains currently exist: Quantum Science Nano-Photonics Materials on Nanoscale Molecular Nanoscience Our Flagship Programs are ambitious, long-term, large-scale programs directly addressing our three research Themes: MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL AT THE NANOSCALE Quantum-limited measurement and manipulation of nanoscale systems (e.g. spin of fundamental particles) QUANTUM SIMULATION Developing quantum systems and control techniques to enable innovative computing approaches. NANOSCALE PHOTONIC CIRCUITS Harnessing interactions between light waves, sound waves and matter at the nanoscale. NEW INSIGHTS INTO DISEASE AND DRUG TARGETS FROM ENDOGENOUS BIOLOGICAL NANOSCALE VESICLES TO ENGINEERED NANOPARTICLES Deciphering the roles of microvesicles for disease pathologies using nano-meter range biospectroscopic approaches. NANO-ENGINEERED REVERSIBLE ENERGY STORAGE Designing and fabricating nanodomains of electroactive materials, using self assembly and electrode patterning. See website for list of Flagship and Foundation programs and Accelerator projects:


Scale of Nanotechnology Research Effort:

Sydney Nano Community 300+ Sydney Nanoscience Hub(SNH)researchers 100+ Sydney Nano Directorate (including support staff) 20+


Nanotechnology research facilities:

The University of Sydney's Sydney Nanoscience Hub (SNH) is one of the world's most advanced research and teaching nanoscience facilities, and the core facility for the University of Sydney Nano Institute . Funded by the Commonwealth Education Infrastructure Fund and the University of Sydney, this building houses world-leading research laboratories, core nanofabrication and characterisation facilities, state-of-the-art teaching spaces, and a modern lecture theatre for public events. Opened in August 2015, the building officially launched in April 2016. The building contains bespoke facilities, including 750 square metres of Cleanroom ISO Class 5 and 7, and research laboratories built to exacting specifications. Critical infrastructure includes a state-of-the-art nanofabrication cleanroom and a dedicated microscopy suite. These facilities are being established as user-facilities accessible to academic researchers, external partners, and local industry, though the University's involvement in the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme (NCRIS).




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