ARC Nanotechnology Network
Macquarie University, Department of Physics

Macquarie University, Department of Physics

Nanotechnology Research Programs/Activities:

Semiconductor Laser Device Laser Physics (Quantum Well, Quantum Dot)
Laser manipulation and cleaning of particles including nanoparticles
Nanoscale surface laser machining and embossing
Nanostructures - fabrication, characterization and application (passive and active eg waveguides in glass)
Light/Materials interactions on nanoscales
Nanoscale Material Modification
Nitride and Oxide nanofilms
Quantum Dots
Naturally occurring nanoporous organisms (eg diatoms)
Nanoparticles - biophotonics

Scale of Nanotechnology Research Effort:

Number of Researchers: 20
Research Budget per Annum: 700k



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