ARC Nanotechnology Network
Dr Hong Zhang

Dr Hong Zhang

Research Fellow
Centre for Theoretical and Computational Molecular Science,
Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology,
AIBN Building(75),
The University of Queensland,
QLD 4067 Australia
Research Group: AIBN Centre for Theoretical and Computational Molecular Science
Email: link
Phone: (617)3346 3996
Fax: (617)3346 3992

Current Research Activities

1)computational nanomaterial science, including molecular dynamics simulations of hydrogen transport properties in nanoporous materials such as zeolites, and MD simulations of the layered double hydroxides containing organic or biomolecules;
2)gas phase reaction dynamics and kinetics, which are important in atmospheric chemistry and combustion chemistry, by using the Lanczos based methods developed in our group.
3)first principle studies of proton transfers in green fluorescent protein and hydrogen interaction with nanostructures.

Existing Linkages

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, China
Research Institute for Information Technology, Kyushu University, Japan