ARC Nanotechnology Network
Ms. Shilpanjali Sarma

Ms. Shilpanjali Sarma

Research Associate
Resources and Global Security Division,
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI),
Darbari Seth Block, Indian Habitat Complex Center,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

Research Group: Nanotechnology Capability, Governance and Developments Group
Email: link
Phone: 91-11-24682100 ext 2321
Fax: 91-11-2468244

Current Research Activities

1. Policy oriented nanotechnology project titled
\"Capability, Governance and Nanotechnology Developments: a focus on India\".
Within this project I am involved in aspects relating to

a. Understanding and analysing multidimensional opportunities and benefits of nanotechnology especially to address development related problems in developing countries
b. Understanding and analysing multidimensional risks (environment, health, socio-economic risks) and ethical, social issues relating to nanotechnology and risk governance
c. Examining the capability of India to engage with national and global developments in nanotechnology, the challenges and debates- in all its aspects in various sectors- ranging from academic, industry, policy etc
4. Examining the awareness amongst and involvement of multiple stakeholders in decision making in the nanotechnology realm.

The research aims to help contribute to a multilevel capability and governance framework for nanotechnology in India

2. Technical bionanotechnology project that aims to use microbes- bacteria and fungi- to synthesize specific nanoparticles as well as standardise a protocol for their synthesis