ARC Nanotechnology Network
Dr Brad Angel

Dr Brad Angel

Research projects officer
Room 107, Building 2, ANSTO science and technology centre, New Illawarra Rd, Lucas Heights, Sydney, NSW, 2234
mailing address
CSIRO Land and Water, Locked Bag 2007, Kirrawee 2232
Research Group: CSIRO NanoSafety
Email: link
Phone: 0439443429
Fax: 02 9710 6800

Current Research Activities

Establishing appropriate toxicity testing protocols for metal nanoparticles (used in manufacturing) in natural waters
Evaluating the role of water chemistry in altering the toxicity of nanomaterials from that predicted in synthetic waters
Investigating the mechanisms of nanoparticle toxicity
The effects of fluctuating copper exposure to marine organisms
The uptake and elimination of copper in marine algae and the effects on cell ultra-structure
Sources and behaviour of metal contaminants in marine and estuarine systems
The preparation of metal-spiked sediments for whole-sediment toxicity testing
Acid sulfate soils in the Murray River