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Dr Stefania Castelletto

Dr Stefania Castelletto

Research fellow
School of Physics
3010 Victoria Australia

Research Group: University of Melbourne, Faculty of Science, School of Physics, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Email: link
Phone: 61 3 8344 8744
Fax: +61 3 9347 4783

Current Research Activities

Experimental quantum optics and quantum information processing, quantum imaging, ultra-precise optical measurement (quantum metrology). Laser physics and nonlinear optics of continuous wave, parametric optical amplifiers and oscillators, quantum non demolition theory for metrological application, quantum radiometry in visible and infrared spectrum, parametric down-conversion, single photon source by spontaneous parametric down-conversion, conventional radiometry and photometry, and time and frequency metrology. Confocal microscopy, nano-diamond material synthesis and characterisation.