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Dr Patrick Parkinson

Dr Patrick Parkinson

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Department of Electronic Materials Engineering
Research School of Physics and Engineering
The Australian National University
ACT 0200
Research Group: Australian National University, Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering, Electronic Materials Engineering
Email: link
Phone: +612-61251948
Fax: +61 2 6125-0511

Current Research Activities

III-V Semiconductor Nanowires
Surface effects
Axial/Radial heterostructures
Single nanowire spectroscopy and electronic properties
Electronic processes in novel semiconductors
Ultra-fast carrier/quasi-particle generation
Carrier transport
Exciton lifetime
Interface physics (particularly bulk heterojunction interfaces)
Ultrafast photophysical experiments
Optical-pump terahertz-probe spectroscopy
Photoluminescence spectroscopy
Time-resolved single photon counting
Single nanowire spectroscopy
Hybrid Nanoscale Inorganic-Organic optoelectronic devices
Organic photovoltaics (heterojunction and dye-sensitised)