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Mr John Clements

Mr John Clements

PhD Candidate
School of Chemistry, Building F11, The University of Sydney, NSW 2006 Australia
Research Group: University of Sydney, School of Chemistry, Molecular Materials Group
Email: link
Phone: +61 2 9351 7482

Current Research Activities

Synthesis of new nanoporous metal-organic framework (MOF) materials that display guest dependant spin crossover (SCO) behaviour. Primary interest lies in developing molecular architectures that incorporate organic linkers that can be post-synthetically modified, encompassing new functionality and SCO behaviour. This includes the use of a range of solid state characterisation techniques to understand the subtle structural processes involved in these systems.

Secondary interests include studying the synergistic interplay between functional physical properties in these materials; for example, spin-switching and thermal expansion. Determining an understanding of how they affect each other will lead to advancement in the design of unique multifunctional nanomaterials for potential applications in molecular sensing, recognition and solid state electronic components.