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Associate Professor Matthew Phillips

Associate Professor Matthew Phillips

Director, Microstructural Analysis Unit, Faculty of Science
Univeristy of Technology, Sydney
PO Box 123 Broadway NSW Sydney 2007 Australia
Research Group: University of Technology, Sydney - Microstructural Analysis Unit
Email: link
Phone: 02-9514-1620
Fax: 02-9514-1703

Current Research Activities

Cathodoluminescence spectroscopy of semiconductors
High resolution electron microscopy and microanalysis of materials
Defects in III-nitrides
Rare earth doped fluorescent ceramic nanoparticles
Transition metal doped ferromagnetic semiconductors
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy of semiconductors
Variable pressure scanning electron microscopy - contrast formation mechanisms and applications  

Existing Linkages

Technical University of Berlin
University of Sherbrooke, Quebec
Insitute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences
Australian National Univeristy
Macquarie University
University of Montpellier
Cornell University