ARC Nanotechnology Network
Professor Steven Prawer

Professor Steven Prawer

Associate director, MARC
School of Physics
University of Melbourne
Research Group: University of Melbourne, Faculty of Science, School of Physics, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Email: link
Phone: 03 8 344 5460
Fax: 03 9 347 4783

Current Research Activities

Ion Implantation; Materials Modification including laser-solid interactions; Nano-characterization using Raman spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopies, TEM and EELS; materials synthesis using plasma and pulsed laser deposition; molecular modeling of carbon nanostructures. Specific materials systems of interest include diamond and wide band gap semiconductors such as AlN and GaN.
Quantum computing, nanofabrication, focused ion beam processing.

Existing Linkages

-Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computer Technology
-Nanostructural Analysis Network Organization (NANO)
-University of Melbourne Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology