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Dr Marlene Read

Dr Marlene Read

Senior Lecturer in Physics
School of Physics
University of New South Wales
UNSW Sydney NSW 2052

Research Group: University of New South Wales, School of Physics, Theoretical
Email: link
Phone: 02 9385 5241
Fax: 02 9385 6060

Current Research Activities

We are studying spin-polarized metallic quantum well systems, both self-assembled and artificially manufactured. Such systems have the potential to be used as room temperature quantum electronic devices. The complete understanding of surface phenomena at the atomic level requires a detailed knowledge of the energy states of the electrons in the potential at the surface or interface. We have developed a technique to calculate the band structure of surface electron states and resonances including those localised at interface regions. These results can be compared with experimental spin-dependent measurements such as inverse and direct photoemission spectroscopies and other surface sensitive techniques.