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Dr Murat Gel

Dr Murat Gel

Research Scientist
CSIRO, Materials Science and Engineering,
Gate 3, Normanby Road, Clayton, VIC, 3168, Australia

Research Group: CSIRO Materials Science & Engineering - Devices, Systems & Engineering Research Program
Email: link
Phone: 03-9545-7972

Current Research Activities

Top Publications

2006 – 2011
Project: Design and fabrication of a microfluidic device to develop high-yield cell-cell fusion method (Affiliation: University of Tokyo, Japan)
Highly cited paper: Gel M, Kimura Y, Kurosawa O, Oana H, Kotera H, Washizu M, “Dielectrophoretic cell trapping and parallel one-to-one fusion based on field constriction created by a micro orifice array” Biomicrofluidics, 4 (2), 022808, (2010).
Times cited: 14

2005 – 2006
Project: Development of a surface modification protocol for highly selective bacterial detection (Affiliation: National Institute of Nanotechnology, Canada)
Highly cited paper: Gervais L, Gel M, Allain B, Tolba M, Brovko L, Zourob M,
Mandeville R , Griffiths M, Evoy S “Immobilization of biotinylated bacterio- phages on biosensor surfaces,” Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical 125 (2) pp. 615-621, (2007).
Times cited: 32

2000 – 2003
Project: Fabrication and characterization of a force sensing probe for biophysical manipulation (Affiliation: University of Tokyo, Japan)
Highly cited paper: Gel M, Shimoyama I, "Force sensing submicrometer thick cantilevers with ultra-thin piezo resistors by rapid thermal diffusion," Journal of Micromechanics and Micro Engineering,14, pp. 423-428, (2004).
Times cited: 36  

Existing Linkages

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