ARC Nanotechnology Network
Prof David Lewis

Prof David Lewis

Directror, Flinders Centre for NanoScale Science and Technology
Sturt Road,
Bedford Park, SA 5042
Research Group: Flinders Centre for NanoScale Science and Technology
Email: link
Phone: 08 8201-7905

Current Research Activities

My research interests have focused on addressing problems that have real world applications, by understanding and leveraging the relationship between molecular behaviour and structure at the nanoscale, with the macroscopic properties that they display – basically doing something useful with nanotech and polymer science, which currently involve both Chemistry and Physics students.
Current project opportunities range from:
• novel polymerisation / synthesis of polymers for grafting or to controlled morphology (phase separation) for a range of applications from novel solar cells to controlled surface properties;
• nanocomposites and compatibilisation of particles, for transparent conductors and a novel approach to pressure pipe for mains water repairs;
• fabrication of “things” – including novel organic solar cells, surfaces with controlled roughness for easy cleaning and electronic components such as polymer based transistors and diodes.