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Professor Suresh Kumar Bhargava

Professor Suresh Kumar Bhargava

Professor & Chair - Industrial Chemistry
School of Applied Sciences (Chemistry)
Scienece, Engineering and Technology Portfolio
RMIT University
Ph and Fax 61 3 99253365(d)

Research Group: RMIT University, Science, Engineering and Technology Portfolio, School of Applied Science (Chemistry)-Professor Suresh Bhargava
Email: link
Phone: (03) 99253365
Fax: (03) 99253365

Current Research Activities

1. Molecular wires for elctronic properties
2.Surface modifications for developing sensors for air pollutants
3.Talior dsign of gold compounds at molecular level for specific applications
4. Formation, stablisation of gold nano particles using biomolecules  

Existing Linkages

Working with Professor Dinesh Sood and Professor Wojteck Woldarski on a project"Modification of gold surface at nano level to develop a better sensor for Hg detection from alumina refineries" funded by ARC-Linkage, BHPB and Alcoa ($750,000)

Working with Dr Murali Sastry, NCL Pune India on "gold nano particles for bio technology"

Molecular Wires - With Professor Martin Bennett, FRS, RSC, ANU and with Prof David Mainwaring, RMIT

Redox properties of gold and Platinum compounds - With Professor Alan Bond, FAA, Monash University, Claytoc, Victoria