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Dr Lorena Diéguez

Dr Lorena Diéguez

Research Associate
Ian Wark Research Institute
University of South Australia
Mawson Lakes Campus
South Australia 5095

Research Group:

University of South Australia, Future Industries Institute

Email: link
Phone: +61 8830 23688
Fax: +61 8830 23683

Current Research Activities

My research is currently focused in the design of microfluidic systems for the capture and analyses of rare cells from biological samples. Such devices will able to provide fast and reliable detection of target cells, and aim to provide a non-invasive tool for early diagnosis and accurate prognosis of cancer.
More recently I was awarded an Early Career Researcher project grant to develop microfluidic devices for the isolation of fetal cells from maternal blood for early prenatal diagnosis. And I am also working towards the application of our microfluidic technology for analysis of cryptosporidium in drinking water.